Dance, Lovebot! Dance! — Signed Print (2009 edition)


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I found some old prints I made in 2009 sitting in a drawer of my studio. They have been stored in acid-free mylar bags and look as good as new. If you are interested in collecting some of my early work, this may be your only chance.

  • Signed by Nathan Olsen
  • Printed in 2009
  • 13 x 19 inches
  • Printed with archival inks on Moab 235gsm Lasal Photo Matte paper

This print is based on a 2007 image I made while in grad school. It was the second in a series of images I created of giant robots stomping through urban settings, terrorizing the local inhabitants. It’s also the first piece to feature Lovebot, an autobiographical character I created that grew out of my lifelong love of science fiction and a childhood game in which I would pretend to be a robot. (I was a weird kid.)